TekTrick Launches - The Leap Club

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The Leap Club is a new fitness and dance sub-brand TekTrick is launching for aspiring dancers and creative expressionists who would like to stay fit and learn on the go with our weekly sessions and monthly performance opportunities.

Classes are starting at the price of £6 to book your session, locations will be varied and fit around schedules for London [More Locations coming soon].

What makes Leap so special?

Every person who attends the class will have photos and videos from the session to help track progress and be used for your own portfolio. This experience is unique and will open doors to other opportunities with TekTrick.

"Put faith in the drop, with Leap."

Find Us: https://www.Instagram.com/TheLeapClub

Sign Up: https://www.TekTrick.org/Leap

How we are going to be rolling the brand out:

  • Instagram live sessions [weekly] @TheLeapClub

  • Info-Graphics on routines and how to dance. [Weekly] @TheLeapClub

  • The first session when open to public will be Free Entry [Date TBA]

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