New Private-Networking Pools

Updated: May 14, 2020

We have opened a new Creative Community for you all to share ideas, promote, and work from one side of the world to another on a completely safe and new platform with us here at TekTrick.

The A.S.N is a New Forum we have put in place for users to join and share creative work too, we promote everyone we can regularly on our socials as well as pinning posts on the top of the forum. Once we reach 100 Users we will be rolling it out for mobile use.


There is no stopping us during these uncertain times however we are aiming to solidify as much ground as we can for creatives.

"What're your thoughts on this! đź’­"

Heads up, we're looking to "verify" members who are active and engage with content as we grow our network. These private networking pools are perfect to meet other creatives to be able to speak to & Follow, or even arrange work for collaborations. We are looking to distinguish these groups users' with two profile badges "Consumers & Creators" which are given perks within our platform. as well as many other badges we will be bringing to user accounts.

Stay tuned, share your creativity, and spread the word!

The TekTrick Team

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