The Online Evolution - Updates

We have been looking into how to bring the platform to life further with our creatives, the recent social distancing has limited our face to face services currently, therefore we put in-place countermeasures, restructured our business model and introduced to you the new; Network-Pools, Social-Groups, Personal Profiles. Now Instant Messaging is now being added to that list.

Every user that creates their profile with our platform has now got the new ever-evolving features of a social media platform specifically for the creative industry.

Packed in with the services you need to get your creative work done, we are almost finalised in bringing you the tools to fully support yourselves in all of your journey to success still remaining completely independent!

Personal Account - Log In

In TekTrick each member has an account and you can create yours by logging in on the top search bar, using Facebook, Google, Or manually You can create your own account that will keep track of your bookings and send you an email/text notifications for your bookings and ongoing with us.

With our services moving from face to face to virtual our amazing team working tirelessly have opened new opportunities for us all to grow at TekTrick and for our clients & Creatives.

Stay tuned and spread the word!

The TekTrick Team

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