How To: Getting Started with "Social"

How To Open Your Account.

- Step 1 -

Head to our home page and allow everything to load in accordance.

- Step 2 -

Located on the top right of the display head picture on the home page will be a login tab/ button, Click on it and it will take you to a pop-up window to sign in.

- Step 3 -

Fill out the info with your E-mail, Name, and a display picture to log in. Alternatively, you can use our platform partners "Facebook" / "Google" and this will set up your account and profile with us automatically.

- Step 4 -

[IMPORTANT] In order to engage with others and use your account to the full extent, after finalising your profile you must make your account public to the community.

"Now You're Set"


Our Admins assign profile badges to our creatives, this will allow you perks and private access in time to come with more updates. For now, we have the private networker pools and forum as well as private instant messaging, should your recipient not be online when you send your message, an email is dispatched to them directly to let them know you're trying to contact them.

We are looking to define 2 key badge holders before we release the next update; Active Contributors and Consumers both have access to all members areas however it is for us to balance content for our community to engage with. What would be the point of a social platform if we provided the only content for you?


Our Company Founder said on the subject:

"This is an early release so we ask all users to be patient with us" and to "submit any issues you may find for us to fix them as we bring the platform to life further with many more innovative updates to come" Concluding with "Make sure you don't miss this opportunity, no one has attempted to open the industry to independent creatives the way we have and you can support us by getting involved or following our socials. If you're really behind us and want us to know, do both!"

Lewis "LJ" King

Stay tuned, spread the word, and Keep safe!

The TekTrick Team

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