BeatsByTekTrick - Launched

The TekTrick Team are happy to announce, our new branch in the music dept of beat leases and services, is now open!


We've opened a new TekTrick Instagram specifically for the content we aim to provide all artists and creatives, a few beats from the UbranPack are out now!


"Our leases aim to help artists grow with cheap deals on audio & visual licencing"


£20 - Spotify Licence 📋

Spotify Licence will grant clients the rights to distribute the song on their Spotify only.

£40 - Distribution + Video Use Licence 🗂

Distribution + Video Use Licence will grant clients the rights to distribute on all platforms & Any videos associated with the song will be free for profit.

£150 - Exclusive Rights Licence 📒

E-Right the song in your name, this licence will grant clients a contract passing rights of the songs for-profit use with the recording copyrights to the label [TekTrick]

To contact us or request a beat specifically made for you please see "Contact Us" "Services"

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